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Our Field Teams respond quickly and are equipped to handle any size task for you.


Our facilities are state of the art and we provide wash, dry, steam, bagging and storage.


Our facilities are secure and never open to the public.


Our Teams will complete your job and return your textiles to you when you’re ready for them.

Your life, Our answers

Our many decades of experience in the restoration industry is what sets us apart from others in the textiles industry. The founders of 1-800-Textiles have handled all types of insurance losses and almost every facet of the restoration services that are provided.

Our cleaning solution consists of 90% pure oxygen. We use special techniques to affect the H2O molecules at an atomic level. The molecules then re-construct themselves into O3, which is three oxygen atoms together.

We mix these powerful atoms with filtered water in our washing machines. Bacteria and dirt stand little chance against O3 because it is far stronger than other chemicals. Another benefit of using O3 is its ability to soften fabrics, as well as, uphold durability.

Yes! We are available 24/7 and here when you need us.


We are growing rapidly across the nation. Please visit our locations page for more information.

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