1-800-Textiles is a National Organization

Navigating insurance claims can be daunting. Our team of fabric restoration specialists works closely with insurance companies to manage claims efficiently, ensuring a smooth and transparent process for you. Our expertise in specialty textiles services make us a reliable partner in the insurance claims process. Quality service is at the heart of what we do. Our trained technicians are skilled in handling a variety of garments, employing advanced techniques for standard and unique fabric types.

We Clean

What is Textiles Restoration?

1-800-Textiles specializes in restoring garments and soft goods after catastrophic events like floods, fires, mold growth, or storm damage. Our cleaning process is meticulous, ensuring each item is treated with care and precision. From family heirlooms to daily wear, our services cover a broad spectrum, ensuring that your clothes are not just cleaned but restored to their pre-loss condition. As specialized garment restorers, we focus not just on cleaning but on preserving the integrity of fabrics. We inventory, bagout, clean, store, and return your textiles, ensuring a hassle-free experience, especially during stressful times.

Our Mission

At 1-800-Textiles, our mission is to provide expert textiles restoration services, helping individuals reclaim their cherished fabrics in the aftermath of water, fire, storm, impact, mold growth, or other disasters. We recognize the value and emotional significance that textiles hold, and through our meticulous cleaning and restoration processes, we aim to revive the memories and stories woven into these materials. Our commitment is to offer comfort to families with our services when their lives are disrupted.

Our Values

At 1-800-Textiles, we are guided by a set of core values that define our actions. These values are integral to our commitment to best serve our clients.

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